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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


New & Deleted Symbols
New files are shown in green with their actual metrics. Deleted files are shown in blue with their original metric values (these values do not form part of the project metrics, except DEL_SLOC.

File, Class & Method Tabs
As well as the project tree, you can use the tabs to get access to files, classes & methods. Within each of these tabs, there are Changed, Unchanged, New and Deleted tabs. The Changed tab shows changed metric values, and the others show actual metric values. This example shows the Deleted Methods tab, with their original values.

Graphs & Reports
As with Krakatau Lite and Krakatau Professional, Krakatau Project Manager features Histograms and Kiviats as well as the Value table.

HTML Reporting
The Krakatau PM HTML reports have been extended to show Changed, Unchanged, New and Deleted symbols on separate pages. The pages are self-contained, with their own navigators at the header and footer of each page. This example shows the changes in metric values at Project level.

Violating Report
The Violating report shows only those symbols that have a metric outside the bounds you have chosen. In this example, the Metric Preferences have been used to select only ADD_SLOC, DEL_SLOC and CHG_SLOC.

File Changes: ADD_SLOC
Krakatau PM provides a number of unique metrics, including ADD_SLOC (Added source lines of code). This shows the number of added source lines of code between two versions of a project, or in this case, a file.

File Changes: CHG_SLOC
This screen shows an example of the widely required CHG_SLOC metric, at File level. CHG_SLOC is the number of changed source lines of code (for project or file) between versions of a project. This information is used by both quality professionals and project managers.

Project Changes
As well as actual metrics results, Project Manager gives Changes between two versions of a project. The metric tutor here shows ADD_FILE; the number of files added between versions.

Project Differences
The Differences tab shows the differences in metrics values between the old project and the new project. A positive value indicates that this metric for the new project has increased, and a negative value denotes that the metric value has decreased for the new project. If there is no difference in the metric, the line would be 'grayed out'.

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