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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


Krakatau Professional is a fully-featured Software Metrics tool, designed for source code quality and software metrics specialists.

Krakatau Professional for Java and Krakatau Professional for C/C++ are industry-strength software metrics tools for organizations committed to delivering maximum quality.  These powerful tools deliver real world benefits and are instrumental in helping you comply with ISO, CMM and other quality standards.

Krakatau Professional provides a comprehensive range of metrics including traditional, procedural and object-oriented metrics, plus Java and C++ language-specific metrics.  Supported metrics include Cyclomatic Complexity, Enhanced Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead Software Science metrics, LOC metrics, MOOD, Chidamber & Kemerer metrics. In all, over 70 metrics are offered.

Krakatau Professional provides a comprehensive range of software metrics at the class, interface and method levels. These metrics can be used by C/C++ and Java software experts to analyze and improve the quality, integrity and ultimately, the reliability and performance of the software system.

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Krakatau Professional now allows Translation files to be associated with Krakatau projects, so that non-standard C/C++ code can be translated to parsable code.  A Translation file is created using a simple language, and then this file is to be specified within the Project Preferences.  Full details can be viewed in the Online Help.

Krakatau Professional includes the following features:

  • Enhanced project creation, including support for importing Visual Studio Projects
  • Project Tree - showing the contents of the project
  • Kiviat Diagrams - showing average metric results over multiple symbols
  • Command Line execution has been upgraded to allow the full Krakatau functionality to be exploited
  • Report output has been upgraded through hyperlinked HTML metric output
  • Other features - Exporting to CDF for further analysis in applications like Excel
  • Major ease of use improvements - including right-click sorting and selecting of metrics
LCOMWhen have updated our implementation of the LCOM metric, moving away from the original Chidamber & Kemerer algorthim to the Brian Henderson-Sellers revision. The revision gives a far more accurate measure of Lack of COhesion in Methods.
SEI MIWe have implemented the Software Engineering Institute Maintainability Index to help you measure and track Maintainability within your codebase. Please read the SEI paper for more information.

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