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Visualize it! is a graphical source code visualization tool for Java. View Flash Demo Buy Online
Use Visualize it! to:
  • View your Java source in an entirely new way
  • Understand complicated or unfamiliar Java programs
  • Verify your Java program design
  • Check compliance with standards
  • Analyze in-house and third party Java source code
  • Reduce complexity of Java programs
  • Improve support and quality of Java source
  • Increase visibilty
Who would use
Java Professionals involved in any of the following areas:
  • Source Code Development
  • Project Management
  • Source Code Design
  • Software Quality
  • Source Code Documentation

Linux version available
What about existing tools?  Why do I need
You need Visualize it! because:
  • Visualize it! is the only graphical source code analysis tool of its kind
  • Visualize it! is uncomplicated
  • Visualize it! is 'Out of the box' and ready to go
  • Visualize it! is really simple so it will be used and will be useful
  • Visualize it! is affordable - just 495 for a developer copy.
  • Visualize it! offers FlexLM floating licenses for network or corporate users.
  • Visualize it! is cool and will be widely adopted.
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