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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


Progress bars show you the progress through the current phase of metrics analysis, and overall progress.

Project Results
Upon completion of analysis, the Metric Results window shows you project metrics first, and from there you can drill down through the project tree or File, Class & Method tabs.

The Histogram view allows you to visually compare symbols' metric results. The list on the left may be alphabetically by Name, or by a metric value you choose. The Histogram results will then show the chosen metric results, and you can then choose a different metric to see the symbol still sorted by the original, but showing the newly-chosen metric values.

Metric Preferences
You can choose which metrics you would like to be displayed in the value table, histogram, kiviat and reports using Metric Preferences. The check box at the start of the line select/deselects a metric. You can also specify bounds, or upper and lower limits for a metric result. Metric values outwith these bounds will be highlighted in blue (less that lower bound) and red (greater than upper bound).

Histogram with Bounds
A Histogram showing Methods with violating Lines Of Code values.

Kiviat Graph
The Kiviat graph shows you how the metric values for the current symbol lie within the bounds you have set. In this example LOC & EXEC are within their respective bounds but CONTROL is below its lower bound.

Paged Results
To improve performance, results in the File, Class & Method tabs are paged. This means the results span several pages and you can use the red goto buttons to move first, previous, next and last, respectively.

Violating Report
The Violating Report is an HTML report which only show you symbols with a metric value that violates its bounds. Quickly identify Files, Classes & Methods which are outwith your bounds.

HTML Report Navigation
The HTML reports all feature navigation links at the header and footer (as shown here). They are produced with two or three clicks and are immediately usable.

CDF/CSV Reporting
To allow you to manipulate the results yourself, or import them into another application, the comma delimited report is provided. This example shows output from Krakatau Professional in Microsoft Excel.

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