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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


Easy Project Creation
Projects created using wizard and files may be added or deleted using the project tree.

Extensive Help
Krakatau Lite comes with an extensive help system, including several tutorials to assist you through the initial learning period and also later with more complicated questions.

Fast Calculation
Krakatau Lite works quickly to deliver a range of useful metrics. The progress bar helps you to judge how long larger projects will take to complete.

Sortable Histogram
As well as the factual value panel, Krakatau Lite comes with a histogram which can be sorted to assist in the analysis process.

Results with Helpful Tutor
The value panel provides metric values for the selected symbol. The metric Tutor provides you with on-the-spot assistance regarding each metric including how it is calculated and what it means.

Visual Comparison
By selecting several symbols you can visually compare their metric values to help identify potential problems.

Result Tree
The Result Tree allows you to navigate through your entire project from Project - File - Class - Method.

Interpret Results with Tutor
Use the metrics Tutor to interpret your results and to determine if any changes should be made to the project.

HTML Report
As well as graphical reporting within the application, you can export to HTML for easy distribution of the results across your intranet. The reports include a navigation bar at the top of every page and a page selector at the bottom; they are instantly usable.

CSV/CDF Report
A comma delimited report is also provided, for easy import to other applications, such as MS Excel.

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