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Measuring churn metrics, changed source lines of code & changed logical lines of code


Command-line operation
Easy command-line help gets you up and running quickly.

Example Command-line use
Use the help screen to build and test your command line parameters. Once perfected, you can build into a batch process to automatically produce metrics results and store them on your intranet.

Progress reported during analysis
Progress is reported as files are parsed, diff'd and additions/deletions analysed. Small-medium size projects (up to 15,000 LOC) take under 5 minutes to analyse and report so you won't be waiting for long anyway!

HTML Reporting - Projects
Simple, clear, easy-to-follow HTML reports (that can be easily published to your intranet) allow you to view the overall Project metrics at a glance. When comparing Projects, you can see old and new values, the differences, and the invalulable Changed/Added/Deleted SLOC values.

HTML Reporting - Changes
The Changed / New / Deleted files navigation options allow you to quickly jump to a subset of the 'All files' option to get the information you are looking for. All colours in the HTML report are CSS-driven, meaning the stylesheet can be easily modified to suit your corporate colours.

HTML Reporting - Multi-language
Files of different languages will be analysed by the appropriate parser and common metrics produced. In this example, C#, C++, Java, VB and PL/SQL files have been analysed. The selected file is shown on the right - notice the language highlighted in blue after the filename.

HTML - Multi-language Project
Common metrics produced by each language parser are totalled for an overall project view. At last it is possible to get a project snapshot that relfects all source in the project, and see changed, added and deleted source lines of code.

CSV Reporting
CSV reports allow file and project metrics to be loaded into any other system where comma-separated files are accepted.

Charts from CSV
If you have a tool like Excel you can quickly produce useful charts. Here, the differences between metrics in two versions of a project are shown. These charts can be easily automated using Excel macros, or if you import the data into your standard reporting environment you could use your own report tool.

Raw XML Data
EPM provides an XML report - ideal for transferring data into other applications that support this format.

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