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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with Essential Metrics?
  • How do I generate reports?
  • How do I install a license?
  • What type of reports does Essential Metrics give?
  • What types of HTML Reports are available?
  • What can the CSV report be used for?
  • What about the XML report?
  • What platforms are supported?
  • What languages are supported?
  • How does the licensing work?
  • How do I get started with Essential Metrics? Top of FAQ

    Once you have installed Essential Metrics firstly read the README.txt which gives you instructions on how to use the tool.
    After this run emetrics at the command line (with no switches) and this will give you the available options.

    How do I generate reports? Top of FAQ

    The reports from Essential Metrics are generated through the use of command line switches.

    For example, the command:

    emetrics -f filelist.txt -h1 c:\single.html myProject

    This will create a single page html report in the file c:\single.html.

    filelist.txt is a text file containing a list of source files.
    myProject is the name that has been given to your project.

    How do I install a license? Top of FAQ

    You do not need a license to evaluate Essential Metrics - to test the product simply download from our website.
    This downloaded version gives the functionality of the full product but limits the number of source files to 5.
    If you supply more than 5 files the first 5 will be analyzed.

    When you purchase the tool you will receive an email with an attached license file.
    To use Essential Metrics extract the "license.dat" file from the zip file attached to the email.
    Save this "license.dat" file in the directory you installed Essential Metrics and then run emetrics.

    What type of reports does Essential Metrics give? Top of FAQ

    Essential Metrics produces 6 types of reports, a CDF report, 4 types of HTML report and an XML report.

    What types of HTML Reports are available? Top of FAQ

    Symbol HTML Report

    This report gives all of the metrics about a symbol (file, class etc.) in an individual grid per symbol.
    This is very useful if you are looking for all of the metric information for a specific symbol.

    Grid HTML Report

    The grid report gives metric results in one large table where each symbol is one row in the table.
    This is useful for comparing metric results across several symbols.

    Each of these reports (Symbol HTML and Grid HTML) come in either a multiple page format or in a single page format.
    The multiple page format allows browsing between the symbols, while the single page format displays all of the relevent information in one page.

    What can the CSV report be used for? Top of FAQ

    The CSV report gives comma seperated values of the metrics for your project.
    This can be imported into a spreadsheet to produce other types of reports or graphs.

    What about the XML report? Top of FAQ

    The XML report stores all of the metric information for your project in an XML file.
    This allows the results to be manipulated or displayed in a browser using an XSL transformation.

    What platforms are supported? Top of FAQ

    Essential Metrics is currently available on Windows (95/98/NT/2000), Solaris and Linux.

    What languages are supported? Top of FAQ

    Essential Metrics supports C/C++ and Java.

    How does the licensing work? Top of FAQ

    There are two main ways that Essential Metrics can be licensed.

    Host Locked

    Host locked license allows a copy of Essential metrics to be run on one computer.


    With floating licensing, a license server is purchased and then a number of user license is purchased.
    These can then be used over a network allowing that number of user to concurrently use the product.
    This licensing model is often used to allow access to Essential Metrics throughout a project or organization.
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